Medical Weight Loss System

Lose up to 15lbs per month

Medical Weight Loss System

Straight Medical labs is a comprehensive weight-loss approach to health and wellness using natural hunger-controlling foods to deliver visible results. It is designed to be simple, no calorie counting or struggling to remember which foods are allowed and which are not. Each cookie is a meal that is scientifically formulated to be a perfect balance of protein, ThinAdventure Fiber, complex carbohydrates, and other nutrients that help naturally suppress the appetite. There are absolutely no drugs or toxic preservatives. Straight Medical Labs' products are natural, 60% organic, and made with triple-filtered water.

Straight Medical Labs was developed after our medical staff simply got tired of the high cost of supplements and meal replacements due to multiple layers of marketing and mark ups. Following all FDA, GMP and governmental guidelines. Our team has been a pioneer in functional ingredient formulation and development. This allows us to use non-GMO, natural, and functional ingredients while maintaining a reasonable cost to the end-user. We own multiple proprietary blends using unique ingredients that have been proven to help and improve the health of the consumer.

Only available from leading Doctors.

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