'Lunch-Hour' Face & Neck Thread Lift

FDA Approved



Once in a while something comes along that works, and the 'Lunch-Hour' Thread Face & Neck Lift really delivers! Our signature treatment is the 'Lunch-Hour' Thread Face & Neck Lift, which restores natural balance to the Face and Neck area, which softens the signs of aging. 

Who is the thread lift suitable for?

Our thread lift is suited to men and women between the ages of 35 and 75. If you are put-off by traditional surgery or don't want general anesthetic, then our thread lift is a great alternative.

What are the advantages of a thread lift?

The great thing about our thread lift is that it offers quick recovery together with excellent results.

This procedure requires a minimum amount of non-invasive procedure and leaves no scarring. Another positive factor about thread lift is that it is much more affordable than regular surgery.

If you are looking for a quick and effective solution to a range of aging problems then a thread lift is the perfect option for you.

How Does it Work?

Our thread lift is a type of face/neck lift that is often referred to as the 'lunch-hour' lift. This is because of its simplicity and the time it takes to peform the procedure. 

A small entry incision will be made, then fine threads are advanced along pre-marked contours. 

The threads are made from polydiaxanone (PDO), the same material used for medical sutures, which dissolve naturally in the body over time. 

Once the threads are in place, your body starts to produce new bundles of collagen around each thread. Results vary from person to person, but present with a very natural, rejuventated, and refreshed look. 

How long do the results last?

A thread lift's lasting power depends on the age of the patient at the time of procedure and how much 'sagging' was noted. Many doctors report that the results last for anything between 18-24 months.


"I would certainly recommend Boca Rejuvenation to anyone. I deliberated for over a month, but having wasted plenty of money & time on serums and so-called 'wonder creams', I decided to go ahead with their Thread Lift. The results were almost immediate and have continued to improve over the months. I wanted to share my experience with other people who may be nervous or undecided. Many, many thanks." 
R. L.

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COMING SOON! - A Thread Lift for Underarm, Breasts, Stomach, Knees, and Butt.