Vampire® Hair Restoration

Vampire Hair Restoration

The first benefit noticed by many patients and their doctors is that the plasma is developed from the patient's own blood. This eliminates risks associated with donor genetic materials such as allergies, hypersensitivity and other adverse reactions. Many patients are also drawn to the natural qualities of using elements of their own body rather than chemicals or donated cells.

The second benefit, which many patients like to hear, is the effectiveness of the treatment. When used to stimulate the restoration of hair follicles, studies have shown it to be very effective. Typically results are seen within 2 months following treatment. Another important consideration of many patients is cost. Fortunately the treatment has proven to be very affordable and cost effective, especially when compared to other surgical treatment options. A study published by the European Journal of Plastic Surgery stated that "PRP" injections are simple and efficient, have minimal morbidity with a low cost-to-benefit ratio and can be regarded as a very valuable alternative for hair restoration treatment.

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Vampire Hair Restoration Vampire Hair Restoration

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