Vampire® Facelift

Vampire Facelift

The Secret to Natural Beauty

A PRP injection for a facelift is a newer procedure. However, it is quickly gaining popularity amongst both medical professionals and patients. This is because it has proven in many cases to be effective. It also is a simple and non-invasive procedure. Blood platelets are central to the effectiveness of PRP therapy because they contain growth factors and other proteins. Growth factors help to jumpstart the healing of soft tissue damage. It also helps to stimulate the growth of collagen. Once the growth factors are injected into the face, it begins to naturally rejuvenate itself.

Along with the PRP injections we apply Micro-Needling to assist with the rejuvenating process and also a syringe of Juvederm® to provide volume and fullness where needed. PRP, when used on the neck, can be very effective; other types of injections can be somewhat problematic. There is no allergic reaction and no side effects, the results are certainly quite noticeable.

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Vampire Facelift
Vampire Facelift Vampire Facelift

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