Patient Testimonials

"You just filled my cheeks-they look fab! It was such a pleasure and a wonderful experience to be treated by you and I'm so glad I came."
- Jackie

"My love life is back, full throttle! I'm in my late 40's and had for some time had difficulty being intimate with my wife. We both discussed the problem and decided to check out various options available. I heard about Boca Rejuvenation and did some research. What impressed me the most was that their medical practitioner had trained personally with the doctor who had developed the procedure Vampire Priapus Shot and had performed several hundred procedures. After consultation and then having the procedure, which took about an hour, with little discomfort, it's been about 2 months now. Our sex life is terrific, my erections are harder, my width seems to have increased and we've noticed I can last longer. It's been a fantastic experience and for anyone who's going through these kinds of issues, speaking with the folks over at Boca Rejuvenation is definitely worth it!"
- Robert